Infrastructure & Road Construction Growth Nationwide - Leading To New Jobs

The latest industry forecast from The Australian Construction Industry Forum shows it’s not only the residential and accommodation building sectors which are firing on all cylinders, but also roads and infrastructure.

The current dollar value of building work to be completed on the construction of roads this year, sits at a modest $15.713 billion, but is expected to jump by $18.183 billion by 2016/17 and up again to hit record levels of $19.452 billion throughout 2017/18 resulting in more construction jobs.

The dollar value of non-road construction transport initiatives is expected to perform strongly and hit $13.820 billion this year. By 2017/18, non-road forms of transport construction are predicted to lessen to an acceptable $9.560 billion.

Major road and infrastructure projects abound in NSW, with more on the way for Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. The drive for more infrastructure and roads is high on the federal governments list of initiatives as Australia’s population continues to increase and major cities continue to be strangled by congestion and inadequate roadways.

Due to Australia’s ever worsening fiscal position, it is doubtful the federal and state governments will be able to cover all the costs of their planned infrastructure projects without investor funding as Australia’s fiscal position isn’t all too good. Privatisation is on the agenda.

NSW Projects

WestConnex – Overall Project, tunnels and subways to link Parramatta to Sydney Airport and the CBD

WestConnex M4 East Project, Parramatta to Haberfield section

Pacific Highway, Woologoolga to Ballina

Badgerys’ Creek Airport Infrastructure Project

WA Projects

Mitchell Freeway Extension Project

Anketell Point Port

Mines to Oakajee Port Infrastructure Project – rail and port construction for mining

Victoria Projects

CityLink/Tullamarine Freeway Widening – southern works

CityLink/Tullamarine Freeway - northern works

Princes Highway Duplication – Winchelsea to Coolac

Melbourne Rail Link – South Yarra to northern rail lines

South Australia

South Road North South Corridor Upgrade – River Torrens & Ashwin Terrace to Torrens Road

South Road Darlington Upgrade Project

QLD Projects

Gateway Upgrade North Project - Gateway Motorway between Bracken Ridge and Nudgee

Toowoomba Second Range Crossing – tunnels and subways

New Parallel Runway for Brisbane Airport

Cancelled Projects

East – West Link Tunnel in Victoria

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