INFRA: The New PC Game Designed & Built for Engineers & Enthusiasts

A non-violent, first-person, puzzle adventure PC video game centred-on dealing with deteriorating city and rural infrastructure across an open world environment gives players a first-hand glimpse at the consequences of a city falling into ruin.

What is It?

INFRA is an original PC game from Finnish firm Loiste Interactive.

INFRA Looks Like…

BioShock, Half-Life and Far Cry 4 had a non-violent baby.

Why is this Game Unique?

Not only does this PC game revolve around examining and dealing with the state of modern cities by placing you squarely in the shoes of an ordinary structural analyst, but it also allows you to traverse an open world environment devoid of violence (you encounter no baddies, so you have no need for weapons). The only dangers encountered come from collapsing infrastructure.

The Plot of INFRA

You are tasked with identifying and solving structural problems afflicting deteriorating buildings, bridges, sewer systems, tunnels and more with nothing to aid you other than your brains and trusty camera, in order to eventually bring the antagonists to justice – the characters who have destroyed the city’s infrastructure.

But be aware: your actions determine what direction the game’s plot takes.

An Inspired Idea…

Oskari Samiola, one of the video game’s writers stated INFRA was inspired by a “documentary about the US’ at-the-collapsing-point infrastructure” and from “news about spoiled tap water and [bad road conditions]”.

When Can You Own It?

Though still in development, Part 1 is available for US $25 on Steam. Part 2’s release is still to be announced, but ought to be free for those who have already picked up Part 1.

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