How to Get the Most Out of Your Curent Job

I had a teacher once tell me that it was one’s attitude, and not their aptitude, that determined their success. I realise now that it encompasses a lot more than high school maths; and if you analyse successful people around you, you will probably notice that more often than not, focus and willpower weigh more in the success mix than innate talent.

If you are struggling with achieving personal goals and progressing professionally, take some time to think about why you feel this way and where opportunities might be. Analyse your performance at work and understand whether you still have the drive and purpose that got you your job in the first place – and if you don’t, why is that?

Speak to your Supervisors

If you have to attend a certain amount of training days per year, why not do some research and pick a few courses you’d genuinely like to attend, and present them to your boss. It will mix things up a bit at work and with the new acquired knowledge and perspective, you may just find the drive you’ve been missing to do better and stand out.

Be social and Approachable

At the office kitchen, or at the restaurant during lunch. Talk to your co-workers, and use your free time to mingle with those from a different department, the people you don’t see every day. Maintaining friendly, not-too-close relationships with a wide range of people is the best way to maximise your professional opportunities.

Show Up

Remember that showing up is a great part of success, but you can’t solely rely on that. Demonstrate you are dependable and reliable, but set goals for yourself, go the extra mile and stand out. Life is a lot more fulfilling when striving to reach a goal, and the satisfaction of achieving and exceeding your targets will keep you motivated to keep going. 

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