How To Do Well in Your First Weeks at a New Job

If you have just landed a job – congratulations! – you may be nervous or anxious about the impression you’ll leave at the very start. The first month at a new job is crucial, as it sets the tone for your whole experience and reputation within the new company. Here are some tips to help you make sure your first few weeks at the new job set you up for a great career.

Do your Research

Try and understand as much as possible about the company, your new role and how it fits into the business and their strategies. Before you head into the office, make sure you know about the company’s mission and values, and try to find out about their culture as well.

Talk to People

Make sure you try to learn about those around you in a personal level, not just as your colleagues. Remember to talk to people working in different departments, as it will help you understand how they do business, and how their business affects yours – and who knows, maybe you’ll make some new friends. Mingling will also help you get a better grip around the workplace culture in the new company.

Ask for Feedback

Try and book a meeting with your boss and co-workers about 3 weeks in. By then they will be able to tell you what you are doing right and if there’s anything you should be doing differently.

Speak Up, but Don’t be Overly Confident

Make sure you understand why things are done the way they are before you suggest changes. Always ask questions first, and then assess the situation before suggesting alternatives.

Sacrifice Time and Enhance Credibility

Arrive early, stay a little later, and maybe try not taking your full lunch break – at least until you truly understand your role and responsibilities. Try and take on a little extra work, and make sure you deliver – show them you are committed, reliable and willing to learn.

Follow our tips and you’ll soon be seen as a great asset to your new team

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