How to convince your clients to join cloud-based accounting software

As an accountant, you are probably well aware about all the benefits of Cloud accounting, as it allows finance to be what it truly is – a collaborative activity. Working with clients through the cloud sounds very exciting, as it is scalable and cost effective while connecting client, books and accountants at once, however, you need to get your clients on board for the magic to happen.

We know how hard it can be to convince an entrepreneur to do something they’re not 100% interested in, so if you’re struggling with that, we have a few tips to help you persuade your clients to give up their traditional ways and start saving time and money with a cloud-based software.

  1. It’s cheaper. There are no IT services fees, maintenance fees, or licenses to pay. One subscription fee – as low $10 dollar a month – and you are set.

  2. A Vanson Bourne research found out almost 60% of businesses experienced increased profits once joining cloud services.

  3. The cloud saves time! Specific cloud-based accounting software had users reporting they now save 10 hours each month compared to their traditional accounting solutions. This means one extra day a month!

  4. They make business operations easier. Different software offer different features, but it’s not difficult or expensive to find software that automates billing, invoices, receipts, and even pay-rolls.

If you think these reasons are good enough to convince your clients to shift to the cloud, give it a try. The only downside is the conversion of data to the cloud, but there are cheap options available that will get the job done in a matter of hours. Do your research and talk to your clients, it might make their lives easier and yours better.

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