How to Become a Better Connected Bookkeeper

In today’s connected world, so much depends on our personal and professional networks – from new work opportunities, to professional and social support, friendships and so much more.

We often hear people talking about how they need to take and make time for their personal and social lives. But do we ever think about how social and personal workplaces can be? Managers, coworkers, interns, people at the coffee stand – it doesn’t matter if you need help with a project or transaction, or if you just need a break and a quick chat, there is always someone to turn to. But what happens once you decide to work for yourself?

Bookkeepers who work for themselves may find the profession very lonely and isolating at times. While you make your own hours and don’t have to respond to anyone else but your clients, not having a support group or network can be stressful, and the lack of peers and social interactions can really take its toll.

So, to help you stay connected, here are some platforms to take advantage of:

Make the best of your profession and lifestyle and get out there. Working for yourself doesn’t need to be the same as working by yourself.

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