How to attract buyers during winter time

Make use of the cold season and decluttered real estate market and put your property up for sale this winter. It is true that there are fewer buyers, but there is also less competition! Buyers are less stressed or panicked and will truly give your property a chance, and if you prepare and follow our tips, soon enough you will be putting up a “Sold” sign on your front yard.

Presentation is Key

Remember that presentation is key – and nowadays, buyers expect it. So make sure you stage your property well and make it cosy and warm for winter – in the quieter season, extra attention to detail might just be what gives your property and edge over competition.

Make sure you use textures and layers, think throws, pillows, cushions, rugs, and if you are feeling daring, a nice bold colour or faux fur will help potential buyers remember your property.

Lighting is also very important to give a room a desired atmosphere. You can try some floor lamps, dimmable lighting or strategically positioned spotlights to create a cosy and comfortable room.

Greenery is the most commonly forgotten aspect of a home in winter. So do not think no one will notice that the garden looks bad because it is winter – and nothing will look good. Try some evergreen pot plants, succulents, and ferns. It will make the property look a lot more welcoming, and will surely leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

You can also step up the staging and set a dinner table, with a bottle of wine, glasses and maybe even chocolate. It will help buyers picture themselves living there and once they’ve done that, your odds are in your favour. 

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