How The Internet of Things Will Shape The Smart Cities Of The Future

The Internet of Things (IoT) evolution is well underway across the world and next to change will be our cities. As the IoT continues expanding and the connectivity costs keep dropping, the possibility of combining technology with physical infrastructure and services to build ‘smart cities’ is coming closer to fruition and is already a reality in some countries.

What Is A ‘Smart City’?

An intelligent city is one which integrates digital, and information & communication technologies to enhance the lives of its citizens. An IoT network is created within smart cities to address challenges such as traffic congestion, transport, parking, street lighting, water & waste management, security & safety and more. Such cities use next-gen technologies to improve and support the delivery of urban services, minimise the use of resources and control costs while heightening opportunities for its citizens, tourists and businesses to engage more actively and effectively.

What Will A ‘Smart City’ Look Like In Action?

Managing Director of the Information Security Forum, Steve Durbin provides a few examples of how IoT will make life easier for the inhabitants of our future ‘smart cities’.

"There are sensors in the roads so that you don't need to worry about paying for your parking because the sensors will determine how long you're parking there. Cities will also be able to clear away accidents much more quickly since they won't need to wait for tape measurements, and they can link this information to insurance companies and claims so that they can be processed much more quickly,” he explained.

‘Smart City’ IoT Integration Will Impact…

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Why Do We Need ‘Smart Cities’?

As the globe’s population keeps increasing, cities will become ever-more densely populated and by 2050, according to a report compiled by Cisco Systems, about 60% of the Earth’s population will be crammed into our cities.

Which Cities & Countries Are Adopting ‘Smart City’ Technology? 

Which Firms Are Developing ‘Smart City’ Tech?

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