How Social Media Can Help You Get a Job

Although there is nothing wrong with having barely active social media profiles, that are only used to keep up with the news and friends and family, if you are looking for a job or have an interview coming up, there is just so much more you can do with your online presence! It is true that hiring managers do their homework and research top applicants competing for a position, so make sure you are selling yourself online similarly to what you are doing on paper with your resume and in person during interviews.

We have gathered a few tips on how you can impress employers and use social media to your professional advantage.

1. Follow, like and befriend companies and brands you’d like to work for.

There is a lot of information you simply can’t learn from reading the company’s website before your interview. By following them on social media weeks or even months before you apply for a job is a great way to understand their personality and branding – what type of content they create, what information they share, if they encourage customer interaction and how they respond to it. This is valuable information that can give you an edge over other applicants.

You should also try to engage with the brand, by leaving comments on articles they share, or sharing their content and adding your point of view on the topic. This way, when they research you, they will be pleasantly surprised and might see your passion and engagement as a desirable trait.

2. Make sure you complete your LinkedIn profile.

Complete profiles with more than 500 connections are more likely to appear on the platform search.

Remember to use key words that match your professional and personal traits, while being relevant to your industry. This will also help you appear at the top of search results.

Keep in mind you can add photos, videos and presentations of your work, which might help future employers assess your performance.

3. Use Twitter

Though not man people use Twitter these days, Google loves the platform. So make sure you keep an active account, and use it to find and follow employers, as well as to share good quality industry relevant content.

4. Send Messages

Send messages to hiring managers or people you admire. Do not spam anyone, but do send a thoughtful short message, complimenting someone’s career, their company, or simply asking for their advice or offering your help with a particular project. Showing interest in them and what they do will help them remember you when a position opens up.

Remember to showcase your personality in an appropriate manner and feel free to interact with industry leaders and your peers. This is why social media platforms exist, and you should make use of them!

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