Home Buyers Across The World Can Own Their Own Hobbit-Hole Home

HUnique pre-fabricated, eco-friendly houses holding special appeal to Lord of the Rings fans are now available for interested eco-enthusiastic home buyers and Tolkien fans wishing to recreate their own personal Middle-Earth Shire.

Who Makes These Tolkien-Esque Homes?

Green Magic Homes are behind these 400 square foot, ‘smials’.

They’re on the look-out to expand their distributor network further abroad, but currently they are teamed with distributers in: 

A Closer Look

These pre-fab homes are designed to exist beneath turf and soil. The houses are made from prefabricated vaulted metals mass-produced with composite laminate materials. The structure uses perforated flaps to seal the bits & pieces together. The walls are enclosed in reinforced soil, supporting the hobbit-hole home.

The technology used in their construction borrows from earth construction & stabilization methods, including superdobe and geotextiles. Channels for wiring and water-piping, as well as composite ducts and mechanical ventilation ducts are all able to be fitted to the modular shell at any time.

The inner-shell of each home is quite a remarkable invention intelligently and uniquely solving the key problems of ventilation and water-proofing which are typically faced by those constructing structures below the Earth’s surface: It is modular, robust, water-tight and designed to structurally collaborate with the ground.

8 Reasons Why These Hobbit-Hole Homes Are Awesome

  1. Worried about the typography? Not a problem. The efficient technology used by the company means the designs can be fitted to any sort of typography.

  2. No bending necessary to make it through the front-door. These homes have plenty of head room.

  3. These unique homes can be erected in around 3 days, by using just  3 people without any special equipment, or expert skills necessary.

  4. The home can be enlarged bit by bit at a customer’s whim. Clients can buy enough panels to build a couple of modules, then add on to their house as the go if they feel inspired.

  5. Fancy a bit of gardening, these home owners can plant vegies or herbs on the house’s top soil layer to save on the groceries.

  6. The houses are nice, warm and cozy all winter long and stay cool during summer.

  7. They save energy!

  8. If you’ve even been dreaming about your own personal hobbit-hole home design then Green Magic Homes will construct it for you thanks to the limitless design avenues offered by their modular system.

This article was originally published on PropertyJobs.com.au