High-Growth Accounting Firms Focused on Evolving Online Marketing Tactics

BKR, a global independent accounting & business advisory firms association has recently announced its winners and losers when it comes to what marketing tactics are working best and worst for elite, high-growth accounting firms.

Marketing Tactic Winners

1. A Business Website and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is Imperative

Acquity Group’s yearly State of B2B Procurement Study found that 94% of business customers do online research of some kind before engaging any service.

According to Acquity Group, fast-growing accounting firms have cottoned-on to this increase in online research and are investing in their online marketing tactics. Such firms boast modern websites which are search engine optimised, updated frequently and mobile-friendly to entice customers and keep them coming back for more.

2. Website Analytics Shouldn’t be Ignored

Another marketing focus high-growth firms have in common is analytics. Such firms understand the importance of monitoring website analytics as analysing the data allows firms to discover key insights about their clients and prospective clients which will help them build-up their client base.

“High-growth firms are interested in those numbers because they plan their marketing around efforts that actually convert to clients, not just return on objective. Applying this mindset to recruitment also helps them keep pace with client growth. A Twitter follower that regularly refers to your content could turn out to be one of your best referral sources, and you wouldn’t know unless you were monitoring referring pages,” pointed out Delene Taylor, marketing director for DMLO CPAs and chair of BKR International’s Marketing Practice Group.

3. Great Content is Vital for High-Growth Accounting Firms

Those accounting practices which are experiencing unprecedented growth are directing their energies at content creation. They are creating a variety of frequently updated content which is easy to share and engage with. Cassons, a UK based accounting business for example posts holiday “greeting” videos on it’s unique and inviting Pinterest-like homepage. These videos remain on the site to give an insight into the business culture. This firm also tells client stories in a graphically interesting manner.

4. Blogs Are Engaging

Hall, Kistler & Company, an Ohio based accounting firm has embraced blogging to increase their online visibility and secure more customers and referrals. Their consultants and accountants are tasked with firing up these marketing efforts by contributing easy-to-share blogs on a regular basis to update their website.

Not only does this allow the accountants to do something a little different to their regular duties, but it also goes a very, long way in building credibility and trust for the prospective customers perusing the firm’s website.  

Marketing Tactic Losers

Though elite accounting firms looking to seize onto the advances of technology will need to increase their spending in online marketing avenues, they can decrease investment in other marketing avenues such as:

Paid advertising


Non-educational events – Though credibility and goodwill is garnered, the return on investment doesn’t stack up in many cases compared to newer marketing options now available.

BKR projects that high-growth accounting businesses will turn their attention solely to return on investment marketing tactics while ridding themselves of any which don’t produce clients, or create relationships.

This article was originally published on AccountantJobs.com.au