Hard & Soft Skills Development On Offer For Budding Australian Lawyers

Junior lawyers keen to develop soft and hard skills listen up, The Sydney Junior Lawyers Committee are here to help you.

The committee consists of 5 junior Minter Ellison lawyers who host workshops and training sessions to enhance the hard & soft skills of legal practitioners at associate level and lower. These 5 legal professionals also organise various formal and informal events to provide budding lawyers the chance to practise their soft skills.

This committee is a boon for young lawyers looking to improve themselves, make connections and test out their acquired knowledge as Partners may not have enough time on their hands to impart all the required knowledge.

“Partners are incredibly busy on their own things, it’s not reasonable to ask them to work on the juniors’ careers in terms of understanding all the other things that the firm does and working on their BD skills,” she said.

Hard Skills Developed

Soft Skills Enhanced 


Other Benefits Of Getting Involved With This Committee

The Sydney Junior Layers Committee is made up of lawyers from graduate level up to associate level.

By joining you could have the opportunity to become a board member which would instil management experience as these leaders are tasked with “organising a committee, and investing time and coming up with programs and the like,” stated Maxine Minter, committee member.

This article was originally published on LawJobs.com.au