Grab your wide brim hats Law Grads, you’re heading West!

Many school students are choosing Law as their future profession. Australia produces 12,000 lawyers every year. However, like many professions, lawyers are facing a job hunt unlike they have ever seen before.

In the past it has been fairly easy for lawyers to find a job in the city, but factors that journalists and teachers have faced previously are presenting themselves to law graduates.

Technology, is changing the face of law. People who once turned to lawyers can find information on the internet and those 12,000 students who graduated the year before are now filling the metro positions.

However, like journalists and teachers have done before, lawyers are finding careers out west.

In regional areas there are only three lawyers for every 10,000 adults, while there are ten lawyers for every 10,000 adults in metro areas. In five to ten years many rural lawyers will be due to retire meaning those in regional centres won’t have access to legal advice.

The Law Council is setting up programs encouraging new lawyers to head to regional centres. These programs will help newly graduated lawyers transition to regional centres. This includes training opportunities, professional development, networking, access to law societies and other programs.

There are many benefits to going rural including accelerated development, living in unique locations, making strong connections with a diverse range of people and opportunities to try several types of law. Lawyers in the country also have a better work-life balance while also undertaking legal aid and pro bono work.


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