Get Real About a Career in Real Estate

With Australia’s housing boom showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, now is a good time to consider a career in real estate.

Though the real estate sector is not experiencing the same exponential job growth being enjoyed by other industries (such as: information and communication technology, medical, health and aged care, finance, retail and hospitality), it is nevertheless growing and relatively stable, which is more than can be said for many other business sectors across Australia and around the globe.

The impact of globalisation, the off-shoring of services and manufacturing, the dawn of new technologies, workforce casualization and the lingering effects of the GFC (among other factors) have all come together to create an uneasy climate of job uncertainty and stagnant growth across many business sectors, but thankfully real estate is faring better than most.  

Dr Andrew Wilson, Domain Group’s senior economist predicts real estate growth in Brisbane will remain moderate throughout 2015 increasing by about 4 to 5%, remaining ahead of the other major Australian cities. This no doubt, will be largely due to the low interest rates which show no signs of ramping up and may even fall further according to some forecasters.

So if you have an enthusiasm for the fast paced property market you ought to look into a career as a real estate agent, broker, manager, or representative.  According to the government’s Job Outlook website, in the time period between 2014 to 2018 real estate jobs will grow at an above average rate increasing from approximately 25,001 to 50,000. Real estate is a large sector, with job opportunities across Australia, but growth concentrated in the major cities. This industry enjoys above average rates of full-time employment (85.1%), a working week of approximately 45.2 hours, and below average unemployment.

To get started in real estate you need to undergo training to obtain a Certificate III or IV from a licensed training institution or body.

McGrath Estate Agents, CEO John McGrath, sees exciting times ahead in Australian real estate. “As the industry becomes more professional and diversified with areas like social media and marketing — there are a lot of people who are more educated seeing the real estate industry as a very interesting one to be in”.

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