Futuristic PlasticRoad gives us the Roadways of Tomorrow, Today

Building road networks may soon become much easier and faster thanks to ‘PlasticRoad’ a remarkable, next-gen prefabricated road block innovation engineered by Dutch company VolkerWessels.

PlasticRoad is an excellent example of forward thinking, practical invention intended to solve and pre-empt solutions for the infrastructure problems of tomorrow.

What is PlasticRoad?

To create PlasticRoad, VolkerWessels recycles plastic into prefabricated road components. These bits and pieces are then transported to the work site where they are connected together much like massive Lego blocks, to form a road network.

Instead of taking months of hard labour to build the road, the task can be completed much easier and quicker within a few weeks using the lightweight, prefabricated pieces. 

Currently VolkerWessels is seeking partners for further investment, manufacture and testing of this new road block technology.

The Dutch City of Rotterdam is first up to install and trial the new roadway under real-world conditions. If the trial goes to plan and PlasticRoad gets the funding it needs then it may very well begin to reverberate throughout the industry and spell structural changes at home and abroad.

9 PlasticRoad Advantages compared to Conventional Roads

1. PlasticRoad saves employers on labour costs and material wastage.

2. 100% recycled materials used in construction.

3. Functions well under most temperature conditions from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius.

4. The road materials are very light-weight and can be connected at lightning speed.

5. PlasticRoad has almost 3 times the life-span and is super durable and sustainable.

6. Plastic opens up new avenues for other advancements in road design, such as heated roads, quieter roadway surfaces, power generation and modular construction.

7. No need for maintenance as PlasticRoad looks after itself.

8. The clever, prefabricated road blocks are hollowed out, yet retain their strength and stability. The hollow centre offers great possibilities and flexibilities as technologies change and society adapts. At present the hollow interior allows for fast water-drainage and much quicker and simpler hooking up of cables. Into the future PlasticRoad may even house such things as weather & traffic monitoring devices, street lamp connections and speeding sensors, who knows. The possibilities are practically endless.

9. Best of all, PlasticRoad may be the solution developers are looking for when building roads in rough terrain such as on muddy hillsides and sandy soil as these prefabricated components are much easier to connect and install than conventional roads. 

This article was originally published on EngineerJobs.com.au