Finding Internships in Accounting

Industry Programs can give students a big advantage, BUT how hard it is to find an Accounting Internship in Australia?

Internships can be a good way for any student to get some desired experience in their field. Many accounting students who graduate from universities seek internships either as part of their course or after finishing their course to get the experience they need before putting their next foot forward for their dream job. However getting an internship is not an easy thing these days, and its getting more and more difficult and competitive in recent times.

Many accounting students are having a hard time finding unpaid internships as a result of automation, slack economic conditions and offshoring of work.

“Everyone tells you that accounting is one of the safer jobs to have,” said Callum Andrews, 23, from Camden in Sydney’s south-west, who finished an honours degree in accounting at the University of Wollongong last year. “But I’ve found it difficult to get a job. It is demoralising”.

As per a university coordinator, on average 20 undergraduate students compete for one internship position each semester. Employment data says that one in five accounting graduates who are looking for any kind of full time role cannot find a job after finishing university.

It is believed that automation and offshoring alone would reduce demand for junior accountants by 10 to 15 percent in first world counties.  

A recent research shows that there were, on average, 38 qualified accountants applying for each accounting position in 2012-13, well above other professions. However, CPA and institute of CA believe that there is still a shortage of skilled accountants and it should remain in the skilled occupation list.

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