Engineers Create Super-Strong Environmentally Friendly Concrete

Thanks to a team of civil engineering researchers from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia concrete has become a whole lot more environmentally friendly.

The civil engineering researchers have created what they are calling ‘green-mix concrete’. The team manufactured this remarkable concrete using mostly standard materials, partially replaced with suitable recycled and waste materials to attain the proper performance and sustainability required.

Renewable clean energy initiatives are a major area of interest across the globe as world leaders begin to seriously look for sustainable energy alternatives to secure a clean, coal-free future.

The Government of Malaysia heeded the call in 2009, by commencing the ‘Green Building index’. This initiative offers incentives to owners to acquire a Green Building Index Certificate for existing and new structures, as well as offering other attractive incentives intended to motivate key players in the construction industry to embrace more sustainable materials.

Did You Know?

Every 1 ton of concrete produces CO2 emissions which fluctuate between 0.05 and 0.13 tons. Around 95% of all CO2 emissions from a cubic yard of concrete are caused by cement manufacturing.

What is Green Mix Made Up Of?

New raw materials such as:

1. Fly Ash: This is an excess waste product from coal power plants which is usually gotten rid of in ponds before being sent to landfills. Research has shown that fly ash has huge potential to replace cement. Cement is not environmentally friendly as the cement plants contribute to air pollution.

2. Recycled concrete aggregates: Crushed concrete minimises the use of raw materials and waste from torn-down concrete buildings and other structures.

3. Aluminium can fibres: Aluminium cans are easily broken-down into fibres which are then used to reinforce the concrete.

What exactly are the Benefits of Green-Mix

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