Engineering Proves Top Job for Graduate Diploma Holders

Engineering disciplines have taken out the top 3 spots for best career outcomes according to the Graduate Careers Australia’s latest Destinations Report.

Which 3 engineering disciplines occupy this esteemed list? Take a look…

Electrical Engineering

According to Graduate Careers Australia, electrical engineering graduates enjoy 100% full-time employment in areas such as:

As it is a highly specialised field, you must first attain a 4 year undergraduate degree in engineering, plus industry experience, which then allows you to go on and study the engineering graduate diploma course.

Once you have completed the Diploma course, you must then do the Masters, and only then are you able to practise as an electrical engineer.

"The qualification is perfect for people who want to shift into the electrical engineering space. And once they complete the graduate diploma they are eligible to do the masters which is what they need to practice as an electrical engineer,” points out lecturer of energy systems at the University of NSW, Dr Jayashri Ravishankar.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is also a red-hot career prospect. To become a mechanical engineer, you’ll need to get accredited completing a:

4 year Degree in Engineering

or a,

Masters of Professional Engineering Degree to really open up opportunities

Dr Doug Auld, a senior lecturer at the University of Sydney says “one stepping stone to the masters is through the graduate diploma of engineering. [the graduate diploma aims to] draw on peoples' background experience in engineering and to extend this to the level required to take leadership in design, project supervision and innovation in the mechanical area."

Mining Engineering

Graduate Careers Australia reports employment in this field is sitting at 100%.

Mining projects are larger than ever before and more challenging, increasingly incorporating automated technology and systems.

If you’re already working in the sector, studying the graduate diploma is a good idea to up-skill yourself as the course is flexible, allowing distance learning, or part-time study.

The UNSW School of Mining Engineering lecturer, Dr Wendy Timms says the graduate diploma will put you ahead of the pack. "At the postgraduate level, students get a more advanced set of skills to equip them for these challenges.”

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