Engineering: Bigger paydays lead by transit boom

As construction groups compete for personnel to complete multi-billion dollar transit projects, junior engineers are getting offered $130.000, a 30 percent increase over their usual salaries.

In Sydney alone, projects like WestConnex and NorthConnex motorways, as well as the light railway line – connecting southeastern suburbs and the CBD, together amount to over $20 billion being invested in the city’s transit infrastructure. Other projects include metro system expansion plans for both Sydney and Melbourne and the Western Distribution toll road in Melbourne. Those projects will cost almost $30 billion, and promise to intensify even further the demand for engineers in those areas.

Apart from higher paychecks for engineers, these infrastructure projects are great news for the general population, as it’s a way for the government to alleviate pressure from population growth, particularly in those metropolitan areas.

Though overpopulation has made transit infrastructure issues urgent, engineering authorities criticize the lack of organization, as the simultaneous launch of so many large-scale projects will lead to inevitable extreme costs as there’s an insufficient supply of engineering talent. The last time Australia faced such a shortage of engineers due to development needs, project costs rose by 20 per cent.

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