Engineering Australian Energy Efficiency with Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics software is proving its worth, providing energy savings in the operation of buildings and facilities, helping decrease Australia’s greenhouse gas emission outputs.

Keeping Australia’s buildings in operation day-in day-out accounts for around 20% of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Increasing environmental concerns world-wide has led to mounting pressures on businesses to look towards energy efficiency measures and innovations to reduce their carbon footprint.

Facility managers bear the brunt of these pressures. They should be aware that smaller budgets, energy price-hikes and old infrastructure will be major hurdles to overcome in the future.

Big Data Analytics Benefits?

1. Big data analytics is integral to the smooth maintenance and cost efficiency of operating buildings and facilities. Such software can save up to 20% a year on energy and maintenance costs and produce savings between 35% to 45% decrease in down-time which aids productivity and efficiency. 

2. Data generated by building management systems can be leveraged by facility managers through affordable, cloud storage solutions coupled with processing power. This data can create energy savings by reducing maintenance and operation costs, with the added bonus of enhancing building comfort. With such analytics, operational performance data allows facility managers to pin-point root causes and correct problems within buildings much quicker and more accurately than otherwise possible.

3. Facility managers can use this software to sort through, make sense of and analyse massive amounts of building data which is then presented to them as actionable information which they use to implement solutions and seize energy saving opportunities.

4. This software can also identify faulty equipment, or equipment in dire need of repairs, helping prevent critical failure.

5. It is a highly-scalable practise when using cloud solutions and implementation barriers are minimal.

6. One of the biggest advantages of such intelligent software is it allows facility managers to make informed decisions which enable the quick fixing of major problems before critical failure occurs.

Uptake in Big Data Analytics is on the Rise in Australia

Over the coming 12 to 18 months, more and more building operations are preparing to implement big data analytics country-wide.

More and more Australian institutions and sectors are adopting big data analytic software including:

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