3D down-the-hole drilling system the way of the future

Australian Engineers have developed a piece of equipment set to change mining exploration dramatically.

Columbus Group R&D’s 3D down-the-hole drilling system makes use of high pressure water jets in lieu of a standard bore or hammer cut.

Similar inventions have been made before, however this system can achieve precision, control and weave around sharp corners and obstacles.

While being more efficient, the system can access tiny seams in gold mines, significantly enhancing profitability. 

The system can also be used for pipe cleaning, detection oil or gas leaks, measuring temperatures of gas and sewer outlets and abetting the exploration of geothermal resources lying deep beneath the surface.

The Columbus Group R&D’s 3D down-the-hole drilling system recently won the Australian Mining Prospect Award for Innovation.



This article was originally published on EngineerJobs.com.au