Don’t let your Inexperience Stand in your Way during your Job Hunt

As a young job hunter you should never apologise for your professional inexperience to prospective employers and you should definitely not let it hold you back from entering the job market. 

Turn your Professional Inexperience into an Asset

Recognise that your lack of professional experience can make you valuable to prospective employers. The absence of experience can be a boon which allows you to think:

Think Outside the Box to Reap the Benefits

By thinking originally, unconventionally and unrestrained by previous assumptions cemented through experience, young job seekers and recent graduates can prove themselves to be of immense worth to a business.

Unlike seasoned professionals, their inexperience can lead them to tackling a problem in a fresh way, or pitching a creative, or innovative idea.

Inexperienced university candidates are often the most driven, dedicated and enthusiastic, leaping at the chance to prove themselves in a professional role by going above and beyond.  




Young Jobseekers Often Exceed Employer Expectations

The University Partnerships Manager at WayUp, Liane Hajduch, commented that in her experience college candidates who didn’t completely match the job description requirements were those who went on to be most successful.

“They had a genuine passion and were willing to go the extra mile to prove themselves,” said Ms Hajduch.

Show Prospective Employers How Your Inexperience can be Valuable to Them

Be original, unconventional and unconstrained. Turn your inexperience into an asset.

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