Don’t be a Stranger! Acquaintances Land the Good Jobs: Part 2

If you’re on the prowl for a new job then listen up because you need to even-out the playing field with acquaintances if you are to stand a chance at getting a look-in from recruiters.

‘Acquaintances’ are Also Known As…

Rival job seekers who have networking down-pat and are cosy with certain recruiters.

Plan of Attack for Active Job Seekers

How can you get yourself on better footing to compete with acquaintances and boost your chances of getting hired?

Emulate the Acquaintance Style of Job Hunting

It’s pretty straightforward, the only way to even your odds, is by becoming acquainted with recruiters yourself and getting your name out there. 

To start, you need to change the way you job-hunt. Adopt a balanced job seeking approach by dividing your energy accordingly with the 20-20-60 Job Seeking Plan.

20-20-60, 3 Step Job Seeking Plan

Step 1

1. 20% of your time should be spent on sending out applications to skills-based roles you are qualified for.

An exhaustive hunt which unearths nothing suitable for those surviving in-between jobs, or those looking to jump-ship from an unsatisfying job, can be mentally and emotionally draining, often leading these job seekers to desperate measures such as contemplating roles outside their field for which they are wholly unsuitable for. Such quick-fix positions may pay the bills in the short-term, but long-term, career-wise they will do more harm than good, jeopardising your chances of moving on up in your chosen field.

Don’t let pessimism, self-doubt and the dread of the ‘dole bludger’ or ‘unemployed’ tag sway you into applying willy-nilly for jobs which can hamper career success. Instead, spend 20% of your time applying to positions you are skilled and qualified for and ignore all those which don’t meet the requirements (along with ignoring those haughty individuals who would never sabotage their own career, yet delight at the opportunity to tell you to put yours on the back-burner and ‘just get a job, any job’).

Step 2

2. Another 20% directed to keeping your LinkedIn profile and CV up to date and easily findable for recruiters online.

In this day and age, it is imperative you spend 20% of your energy making absolutely sure your CV and LinkedIn profile are updated as soon as necessary and that both are positively spot-on in their content, readability, accessibility, relevance, and over-all style and appeal. You want your profile and CV to capture the eye of recruiters who happen past, or other interested parties. The profile and CV should hook them in and encourage perusing. 

Step 3…

Stay tuned for Part 3 of Don’t be a Stranger! Acquaintances Land the Good Jobs to get the third and final step of the 20-20-60 3 Step Job Seeking Plan.

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