Direct Your Clients To The Accounting Software Right For Their Needs

As an accountant you are perfectly positioned to advise your clients on what accounting software is best suited to their enterprise endeavour.

If a client’s business is growing and their original basic accounting system package is no longer up to the task, then it is time they switched to a new accounting software which can handle all their increasing business processes & information in-put loads. The system must be able to keep up with business growth, so clients should ensure they pick the right system the first time around, and this is where you come in.

As an accountant you should have general knowledge about a couple of widely-used accounting packages which should enable you to dish out advice when it comes to which new accounting software is most viable for your clients business needs. You don’t need to know all the ins-and-outs of higher-level packages, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea keeping up to date with the latest and greatest accounting software packages on the market.  

6 Signs Its Time To Shift To A New Accounting System

  1. Entering the system has become sluggish and problematic, it’s locking-up or throwing the client out.

  2. The client is being driven crazy rebooting the system on a regular basis in order to get it functioning properly.

  3. The reporting is not up to task anymore, lacking in vital information.

  4. Too many work-arounds (involving manual processes, instead of automated processes) are hard to keep track of and have made the entire system cumbersome and frustrating to work with.

  5. Clients’ needs simply cannot be supported anymore by the original accounting system.

  6. No more data storage is available, the client has maxed out their storage limit capabilities so no more inventory items or transactions can be in-put into the system.

4 Considerations When Advising A Client To Change Accounting Systems

So once you’ve convinced your client they need to migrate over to a new accounting system which is capable of handling their increasing business growth, its time to guide them towards the right one. There are 4 things you need to consider:

  1. The price of packages varies tremendously.

  2. If your client has very particular needs which leave you unsure of which software is best, then go to a site like to help you source the right system for their needs.

  3. Ensure the accounting package comes with thorough training and support so the system is implemented seamlessly and staff are supported & trained up in its use.

  4. The accounting software vendor must be able to provide answers for the client in regards to features of the system and how well it will handle their business needs. Make sure your client is shown a demo-version prior to purchase for verification purposes.

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