Digital Degrees Are Teaching Traditional Universities a Thing or Two

The higher education model is undergoing technological change with digital degrees on the rise as society embraces what mobile devices and multimedia innovation can do for self-directed learning.

As students and graduates know, Australian university fees are quite high and will only rise in the future. Online learning is opening an appealing door to tertiary study and up-skilling which previously didn’t exist.

Digital course providers enjoy low start-up costs and strong economies of scales, which translates to online students paying less than those attending a brick and mortar university. There are even many free courses to complete, but most are not industry recognised, or certified.

Workers who invest in their own retraining and continue their education by their own initiative are favoured by employers. With the heavy cost of doing business these days, most employers are looking for ‘job ready’ individuals, so graduates and students need to look for other training avenues. Online learning is a convenient and effective way of continuing this learning when and where it is most convenient for the student. However, this doesn’t mean that universities will start closing their doors nationwide.

Traditional Universities Still Ooze Appeal

Appeal which digital course providers cannot match:
Face-to-face teaching
Sit-down exams
Industry certified and recognised qualifications/certification
Quality staff and courses
Social interaction
Interactive learning environments

Online Learning Does Have Pit-Falls

Digital degrees aren’t for everyone however:
Are you a self-directed student? Are you capable of keeping yourself motivated and adhering to schedules? If you’re the sort of person who needs social interaction and face-to-face lectures to stay on track and learn, then digital courses are not for you.
They may not come with accreditation or certification.
They may not carry the same weight with employers.
It’s difficult to know if they are of quality and recognised by the industry.

If you do consider going digital, do your research on the course and course provider, and ensure they are reputable before making any transactions and signing up.