Creative Ways to Stand Out In Your Job Search

When looking for employment, you might get stuck in the job hunt – applications – cover letter – call back – interview process for a while, and even though you are trying really hard to do your best, sometimes you just don’t know what to do to really stand out. To help you out, we’ve gathered a few tips that have actually worked in the past that could inspire you.

Getting Noticed Before You Even Apply

The easiest way to get an interview is by having someone you know refer you to the hiring manager. They will trust their connections’ recommendations more than any great resume and cover letter that finds its way to their desk through the standard application process.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is optimised so recruiters can easily find you. Make sure your skills and experience are properly showcased and endorsed, and even ask people to write LinkedIn recommendations for you. It will really help you stand out.

Also, if you are applying for a role in a specific industry, showcase your experience in that field on your online profile.

At the Interview

It is true that it’s much easier to seem invested and committed to a job you would genuinely love to have, but showing great interest is one of the best ways to impress your interviewer, even if you really see it as “just a job”. Do extensive research, prepare really great questions, and come up with suggestions and ideas about what and how you would like to help the company improve.

Bring your portfolio and physically showcase your experience. It makes your presentation so much more interesting when you have evidence of the work you’ve done, and it will help your interviewers understand your style and what you are all about.

When talking about past experiences, make sure you provide some context, but focus on what the challenges were and how you handled them – and of course, what resulted from each experience.

Follow Up

While thank-you emails are a must, if you believe your interview went really well, why not go the extra mile? A hand-written note accompanying great baked goods or chocolates will leave a lasting impression of your creativity and generosity, and will leave a sweet after-taste.

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