Construction Leaders Donate to New Men’s Health Clinic

Construction companies are providing labour and materials to Melbourne’s new, innovative men’s health clinic. The Australian Prostate Research Centre is developing a clinic focused on the healthcare needs of men in the community.

The effort is being coordinated by Daniel and Damien Marasco of Maben Group. Having both witnessed family members suffer from prostate cancer, they decided to spread the word about the project among other companies.  

“In our industry, we employ a lot of men and I don’t feel there’s enough talk of men’s health, whether that’s psychological or physical,” Damien Marasco said.

Hacer, City Circle Group and Electrocom Solutions all responded to the proposal, and are providing resources as a donation or at a discount.

The seven-for clinic is expected to open on Blackwood St in November 2014. Features will include a high-tech tissue bank, a surgical robot, a gym, specialist rooms and spaces for training and seminars.

Proposals for the clinic were made by a lobby group in 2013. Professor Tony Costello, Head of Department of Urology at the Royal Melbourne Hospital has continued to be a leading advocate of the new facility.  

“What we know is that only 30 percent of men have a general practitioner and mostly men only go to their doctor when something significant has happened in their healthcare” Costello said.

The clinic will be initially designed to address prostate-related medical issues. However, Prof. Costello expects to see services expand into other significant areas of men’s health, such as depression, addiction and risk-taking behaviour.

Australian Prostate Cancer Research has partnered with the men’s health.

Maben Group said the cause is very worthy and that the company is extremely proud to be involved. Damien Marasco said that he hopes the efforts of the construction industry can help shift attitudes toward men’s health.

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