Client-Centric Focus Key to Accounting Prosperity & Growth

Accounting firms must embrace a more client-centric approach to doing business if they are to prosper, grow and remain relevant into the future.

The Accounting Segment Head of Macquarie Group, David Clatworthy has over 18 years’ combined accounting & finance experience from sales and service through-to business management. Here’s his 5 client-centric strategy tips all progressive accounting firms should adopt:

1. Eliminate Barriers To Change

Evolution is a necessity to survive and thrive in the modern accounting world as client demands and expectations change. Traditional business models can often hinder this evolution, weighed down by outdated methods and tactics creating siloed units and fostering an ownership mentality which results in other services being withheld from the client.

Progressive firms are transforming how things are done by: 

2. Value Your Employees, They Are Your Greatest Asset

The other important consideration aside from whether a person has the ability to perform the job, is whether they are the right fit for the team and if they can offer the same high-level of service and client-centric focus the firm is known for. Consistency of experience is difficult to maintain as firms deal with increasing technological disruption and staff turnover. What can be done to improve consistency?

3. Diversify!

Diversification can create competitive advantage by synergising a range of unique, complementary skill-sets to inspire creativity and spur innovation. Diversity of thought can produce strong results quickly and quite productively.

4. Technology Is Integral

Technology such as specialist data management systems are vital to the accounting profession these days. Firms should invest in proven technologies which allow them to get the most insight from their data, while allowing them to work more efficiently, productively and securely without compromising their level of service.

5. Evolve!

Only those firms who keep ahead of the pack, seeking to continuously improve, innovate & differentiate will flourish into the future.

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