Cement Your Future, Study Engineering in Australia

If you have a healthy interest in what makes things tick and are no stranger to hard work, study and perseverance, then engineering may be a perfect fit for you.

A study on Forbes latest Top 100 Billionaires list undertaken Approved Index, a United Kingdom based business to business platform has found that out of the Top 100, those who had studied engineering made most out of their university peers, enjoying an average fortune of $33.2 billion, as opposed to non-degree billionaires who made an average of $31 billion.

Engineering Job Outlook in Australia

In Australia, from now until 2018, according to Job Outlook (an Australian government initiative) employment in this sector is expected to grow moderately. It is a very large occupation with jobs available in most regions throughout the country. 91.6% of engineers enjoy full-time employment with an average working week of 42.1 hours and a high salary in the tenth decile.

The industry is also calling out for more women. Women currently only make up 18.2% of Mining Engineering Bachelor Degree graduates according to Graduate Careers Australia. Minerals Council of Australia’s, Workforce Skills, Assistant Director Chris James has identified geology and mining engineering as areas experiencing significant skills-shortages so perhaps such avenues would prove most prosperous for females.

Though car manufacturing (amongst other industries) is moving overseas, with innovations in technology making leaps and bounds every day, it can be expected new fields of manufacturing will be discovered, creating whole new market sectors for engineers. Defence Minister Kevin Andrews is floating the idea of using local industry in combination with 3 international companies to conduct the new submarine building program in Australia which would commence in a year or two if it were to gain government approval. 

“The engagements between international partners and industry will be scheduled to complement the development of their pre-concept designs, allowing timely judgments of how to best involve Australian capabilities and skills in their proposals,” said Andrews.

What Sort of Engineer Can You Become?

There are many different types of engineers. Here is a list of your engineering career possibilities:

Choose a Career with a Future

As today’s jobs are most at risk from advances in technology doesn’t it make sense to get into a field where you can create and control new technologies and benefit from the jobs they create rather than choosing an area which will be at the mercy of technological innovation in the near future?

Here’s the big picture: Oxford Martin School has concluded that within 20 years time, 45% of America’s jobs will be automated. This of course will be repeated throughout the world. If you are leaving school or starting university, don’t set yourself up for failure, study a degree with future potential. 


This article was originally published on EngineerJobs.com.au