Body Language Tips for Interviews

It is normal to be nervous for a job interview, especially if it’s for your first job or if you haven’t been job hunting in a long time. While being a little anxious shows the hiring manager that you care about that position, it is important that you don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Here are some tips to help you feel calm and collected – and display the best version of yourself!

First Impressions

What you wear to an interview is very important and says a lot about who you are as a professional. Make sure everything is clean and ironed, and while you may want to show some of your personality through your clothes, it is better to play it safe. A printed tie or nice jewellery might suffice.

The way you walk into the room and your handshake will set the tone to the interview. Walk with confidence, with your shoulders back, and shake your interviewer’s hand firmly – don’t hurt them, but show them you mean business.

During the Interview: Do's and Don'ts


Once the interview is finished, collect your belongings calmly and smoothly – there’s no need to rush. Shake hands with your interviewers, and if there are too many people in the room, calmly thank them all and shake hands at least with the hiring manager and the person who brought you in the room.

The way you exit the room is as important as how you walk in. Again, walk confidently and calmly - well done! And finally, when you get home, don’t forget to send the interviewer a thank-you email.

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