BIM & Building Services, Where Are We At?

The recently released BIM companion document from ACIF & APCC, Building and Construction Procurement Guide: Project Team Integration and Building Information Modelling (BIM) helps stakeholders and businesses implement BIM and PTI in preparation for the looming 2016 BIM targets.

This document is intended as a companion guide to ACIF and APCC’s ‘A Framework for the Adoption of Project Team Integration & BIM’.

It can’t come soon enough as the building services sector amongst others struggle to adopt and effectively use BIM.

BIM Teething Problems

The introduction of BIM has seen any number of difficulties in adoption and use. 2 main reasons for this are:

1. All delivery partners need to be BIM ready from the out-set, but it can be difficult to get everyone co-ordinated and on the same page.

2. BIM readiness levels vary, some place too much importance on the BIM software while not putting enough effort into early engagement and collaboration amongst other practices.

How Can We Address the Problems?

1. Upstream and downstream delivery partners need to develop greater consistency.

2. A skilling process needs to be instigated to discover what competencies are required and provide solutions.

3. The Australian government would be wise to consider providing incentives for more businesses to take up BIM as Australia’s international competitors are making leaps and bounds in BIM through upskilling their work-force. In a few years competition will be fierce as many of those freshly skilled in BIM look overseas to leverage their unique skill-set.

What Does the Companion Guide Cover?

The document is laid-out in an encyclopaedic format. It’s perfect for those new to BIM and those with minimal knowledge and covers most of the standard questions BIM users need to know, such as discussing team collaboration considerations and how BIM influences this process across the various delivery models.

ACIF are preparing to phase in BIM as part of their long term strategy by contacting jurisdictions across the country. If ACIF is successful, projects over a given value will be mandated to adopt BIM in the future.  

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