BIM Advancements Improve South Australia’s Water Management Processes & Systems

The water authority of South Australia is embracing the latest BIM and Darwinian software technological advances to vastly improve the operation and management of urban water systems throughout the state.

They are investing heavily in optimising their BIM processes and through adopting Darwinian algorithms, the water authority has succeeded in realising immeasurable benefits provided by BIM during their infrastructure assets operational phase.

Benefits of BIM Predictive Analytics for South Australia’s Water Authority

1. Predictive analysis has immeasurably improved system performance and future planning capability.

“The system can forward predict when they need to move water and pump it around, by measuring external sets of co-operational data like weather forecasts or sporting events and coupling that with how the water network is actually producing, how much water is flowing from point A to point B and figuring out just the right time of when to pump water from one reservoir to another to serve Adelaide,” explained Vice President of Bentley Systems, Alan Savin.

2. Greater Return on Investment is achievable.

Huge energy cost savings and electricity cost savings have come about through performing predictive analytics using BIM.

“As a result they [water authority] are able to forward purchase electricity at a much cheaper rate than they would if they just used it as demanded. They reckon that the first day that they employed the system they saved over a million dollars, so that’s been a true success on the operational side,” noted Mr Salvin.

The Key to BIM

BIM technologies incorporation of Darwinian algorithms is what gives it the power to produce effective and accurate predictive analytics for complicated water systems to vastly improve customer service, as well as saving money and time.

“Not only do consumers get better customer service, because leaks can be pinned down quicker, but time and money is also saved without the need to chase around and excavate, because those algorithms point them to where that leak is likely to happen,” stated Paul King, Bentley Systems Solutions Director for Project Delivery.

A Bit of Background on the South Australia Water Authority’s Use of BIM

The South Australia water authority Adelaide desalination plant used BIM from the get-go.

The plant’s network system incorporated the BIM models which were created for the design & development of the plant into the system’s management system. This produced incredible operational and managerial benefits. 

“The original Adelaide desalination plant was built with BIM so they started it right from there. One of the key things with BIM is option-eering; the true way to bring down the cost of a facility is to look at all the energy costs and maintenance costs, et cetera, and they did this right back at the beginning of the construction phase,” recalled Mr Savin.

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