Barriers Impeding Cloud Take-Up

On a recent research to better understand the accounting industry and the reasons behind its slow take-up of cloud computing, Smithink found that for almost 40 per cent of respondents, concerns about the cloud, like security, have a significant impact on their purchasing decisions.

Smithink founder, David Smith, blames the slow cloud technology adoption not on the traditional accounting mindset, but rather on unavoidable barriers accountants face when trying to embrace the cloud in their practices. He finds a great number of Australian firms use at least one cloud-based solution, but, says the number of firms 100 per cent in the cloud is minuscule. “Part of the reason it is minuscule is many of the practice management suppliers are not cloud-based yet. A lot of them are still desktop-based, and that is a real key driver here,” he explains.

He also recognises the part infrastructure barriers play in preventing firms from adopting cloud services. “In the end though, this issue will be solved and we will have great internet in Australia. It’s a temporary barrier in the interim,” says Mr Smith.

Another issue the Smithink research identified was the poor or the lack of support provided by cloud-based suppliers, as well as the difficulties those trying to get cloud-based services implemented face in terms of integration facilities. Mr Smith recognises all these challenges, but is still optimistic for the future; “overall, the cloud is inevitable. The proposition associated with the cloud is too strong to ignore, and all of the concerns that people have will get solved,” he concludes.

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