Australia’s First Solar-Powered Suburb Is Under Construction

Half of all household electric needs for the new Australian Capital Territory community Denman Prospect could be met under a new mandate which introduces minimum renewable energy requirements for all homeowners living in the suburb.

Denman Prospect adjacent to the Molonglo River and National Arboretum is a suburb currently under construction in the Molonglo Valley district of Canberra. It is set to become Australia’s first fully solar-powered suburb, with solar energy installations legislated as mandatory for all homes.

What Is Required Of Denman Prospect Households?

All Residences must install a 3 kilowatt solar-power system which can generate about 4,146 kilowatt hours of power annually. 4,146 kilowatts is about equal to half of what the average Australian home uses.

Denman Prospect Renewable Energy Advantages

1. The suburb developer’s attest that each 3 kilowatt solar-power system translates into the deduction of 1 car from Australia’s roads.

2. The carbon footprint of the entire suburb of Denman Prospect is expected to be cut by a third thanks to the installation of these mandatory solar-energy systems.

3. These solar-array systems are state-of-the-art, homeowners will be able to keep an eye on their energy usage levels using a Wi-Fi app.

A Closer Look At The Suburb 

Other Suburbs Are Also Looking Into Renewable Energy

Denman Prospect may be the first to make solar-power mandatory, but other communities throughout Australia are also investing in renewable energy initiatives. These include: (bullet points)

Newstead on the Loddon River in Victoria – the Renewable Newstead program outlines big plans to turn the Newstead into the country’s first ‘solar town’.

Coober Pedy, the South Australian outback town – this community vows to eventually generate 70% of its power through renewables.

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