Augmented Reality: Future Uses for Construction

From design to project management and variable controlling, augmented reality (AR) has a wide variety of possible uses to assist construction teams, consultants, companies and clients.

How Does it Work?

This relatively new technology creates a fused view of real world environments with computer-generated images, using computers, smartphones and wearable technology devices; it allows people to see what already exists combined with what will exist once a project is completed.

How is it Useful?

For design teams, it allows professionals and clients to truly visualise ideas and concepts, allowing them to minimise mistakes and work through design clashes before they happen – saving everyone time and money.

Construction teams are able to look through potential hazards, mistakes and better delegate tasks, and they are given the chance to solve potential issues before they even happen.

What Does the Future Hold?

Industry experts believe this technology will become the norm in the near future, and they go even further to say in a more distant future, combined with artificial intelligence, AR will help streamline processes – such as recognising overdue tasks and sending electronic reminders to those responsible for fixing each problem.

As the technology evolves and becomes more and more reliable, we will see it being more widely used and maybe one day, once it can convey as much information, it will even replace 2D drawings completely.

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