7 Apps To Help You Create Your Dream House

It is no secret that renovating has become a trend in the property market, helped along by a huge number of renovation reality programs.

This month building and home improvement company DuluxGroup reported a $111.9 million profit after tax.

Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that building approvals for home renovations have been totalling $6.35 billion over the past two years. This equates to around $500 million every month.

So if you are thinking of joining this trend we have some tools which will help you along the way.

  1. Houzz Interior Design Ideas (free)

Houzz is a popular interior design website, however the app allows you to scroll through thousands of ideas, save pictures and search for certain ideas. Similar and also free is the app Dwell.

  1. Metricon Homes (free)

This app contains their full range of houses, video walk-through, galleries of options, locations of display homes, allows for you to add your own pictures or notes and allows for sharing on social media.

  1. MagicPlan (free)

This app uses your devices camera, compass and GPS. The apps main use is to map out your floor plan.

  1. Sightspace 3D

This app gives you a hyper-real preview of how your house will look on site and inside.

  1. Sun Seeker

This app shows the path of the sun in your area allowing you to make the most of shade, breeze and heat.

  1. ColorChange

Allows you to see what your walls will look like in a particular colour. You simply take a photo and then change the wall colour.

  1. Home Maintenance

This app keeps track of all your tasks and when certain things need maintenance.

And remember simple renovations can add tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to your home. 

This article was originally published on ConstructJobs.com.au