Apprentice Shortage Creating Opportunity For Young Construction Workers

With the construction industry about to boom they are currently facing an unforeseen crisis. The industry is only graduating just over one third of the apprentices needed to meet the projected demand. However, for job seekers and school leavers like you, this couldn't be better news.

The National Centre for Vocational Educational Research has released new data showing that the total number of apprentices in training within the building and construction industry had fallen by nearly 13,000 people between June 2013 and June 2014. This after a decline of 23 percent since 2010.

The completion rate of 11,100 to 14,500 apprentices per year is barely enough to replace retiring workers, let alone build the industry.

The construction industry does have a high annual exit rate of 30,000 workers due to the highly physical work they complete. However, many in the industry believe this is due to a failing in the current training system.

The Department of Employment suggests the sector will need 83,500 more workers between now and November 2018. Especially in the industries of plastering, floor finishing, wall and floor tiling, bricklaying and stonemasonry.

So where do I sign up, I hear you ask? Here are three easy steps that you need to follow.

Step 1: Preparation and Research

Step 2: Job Hunting

Step 3: Sign Up

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