Applying for a Job in Another City? Here’s A Few Pointers…

Applying for a position in a different city or even a different country can be daunting and requires a job seeker take a few extra things into consideration when on the hunt to maximise their chances in a tough job market.

1. Where Should You Look for Jobs When Relocating?

You can start by taking the usual avenue and perusing job sites. But, you should look into improving your chances by researching regional job advertisement boards to come across ads you would otherwise miss as they may not be listed on the bigger sites.

Regional job posting sites generally receive less online traffic compared to the giants such as, so you may be competing within a smaller pool of candidates which could boost your chances a little.

2. Don’t Neglect Remote Networking through LinkedIn

If you have a LinkedIn account then don’t just sit idly by and expect people to come to you. Get out there and check out influential or interesting people in your industry which could produce leads and ultimately help you build your career, or at the very least, get you a bit of online exposure which may produce job opportunities later down the track.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile then you should definitely get one as it will boost the chance of recruiters finding you.

3. Work Smarter

Get LinkedIn to help you out by setting the location field on your profile to the location/city you would like to relocate to. Make sure you succinctly relay your interest in career opportunities in a sentence or two and you may find recruiters and/or businesses will seek you out and make contact if you are lucky.

4. Remove Doubts & Convince Recruiters to Consider You

Job applicants who are seeking a position in a new city need to show the recruiter they are serious about relocating and are prepared to follow through if successful in landing the job. To optimise your chances you should:

Don’t Forget

Salaries and wages vary from location to location so ensure you research what sort of pay you can expect in your new city before making any final decisions.