Another 5 Transformers In Disguise

1. Krossblade SkyCruiser

This intriguing transformer concept from Krossblade Aerospace Systems changes from a car into an aircraft reminiscent of a Harrier Jump Jet. It is capable of lifting-off and landing vertically like a helicopter thanks to its switchblade rotor system. Once the SkyCruiser has achieved enough height, the rotors tuck themselves away and its rear-mounted electric motor propellers take over, delivering thrust sending the Krossblade hurtling across the skies at cruising speeds of 505 kph.

2. Octuri Seaplane Yacht

Designed by Yelken Octuri, this incredible concept is designed with the thrill-seeking billionaire in mind. This 151-foot long, extravagant sailing yacht changes into a luxurious seaplane fit for Howard Hughes. The sails are stored before air-travel and the yacht’s 4 vertical mobile masts reposition themselves horizontally for take-off as the vessel transforms into a plane.

3. Gibbs Quadski

The Gibbs Quadski is a commercially available, 4-cylinder, off-roading quadbike with a twist. When this incredible vehicle hits the water, its 4 wheels flip-up in flying Delorean fashion, transforming it into a jetski capable of reaching 72.5 kph on water (as well as on land).

4. Subo Kayak Submarine

Olivier Feuillette’s Subo is perfect for those who love getting out onto and under the ocean. This kayak can transform into a safely sealed submarine in seconds by simply tucking the paddle inside and closing the top-hatch. This transformer is propelled underwater by an extended rudder. It is fitted with an oxygen tank, but if you would like more time below the surface then an additional CO2 filter can be used to extend the underwater time limit to 3 hours.


The Amphibious Trimaran Aerostatic Discharge (ATASD) is a state-of-the-art, hovering emergency response vehicle capable of floating across water, land and snow. A layer of aerostatic discharge enables this transformer to hover above an air-pocket as it accelerates, reaching speeds between 88.5 kph to 120 kph. 3 deployable pontoons enable the ATASD to survive waves 6.5 feet tall in rough seas.  

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