Advancing Technology Is Driving Agile Workspace Demand

According to the Commercial Real Estate Services (CBRE) Fast Forward 2030: The Future Of Work And The Workplace research survey all signs are pointing towards the agile workspace becoming the defining office environment for modern, advanced economies across the globe.

What Is Driving This Increasing Interest In Agile Workspaces?

Business demand for agile workspaces is ramping up due to:

  1. The explosion in usage of advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

  2. Changing attitudes towards the nature of work – the shift towards embracing more adaptable work structures.

  3. More businesses moving to adopt increasingly flexible attitudes towards hours and the physical location of where the work is performed.

  4. Growing trend of activity-based working.

“Australia has seen a growth in the workplace flexibility trend – whether this is working hours, types of work available, or even the physical space employees work in. The way offices operate & the way people work is changing,” stated the vice president of Clipsal & Schneider Electric Partner Business, David Gardner.

With businesses taking a keener interest into the physical office space, the need for creating workspaces which accommodate these shifting business practices continues to mount.

What Should Happen Next?

Owners and suppliers of office real estate will need to adapt and view today’s workplace as a dynamic and flexible environment which must be able to adjust to changes fairly seamlessly if they are to remain competitive and maintain clients long-term into the future.

“In order to keep occupancy rates high, facility managers, as well as architects, consultants & contractors, need to consider the workspace as a truly fluid environment. Building owners & facility managers need to re-think and innovate in order to break the mould & shift away from the traditional static office structure,” informed Mr Gardner.


By introducing agile workspaces facility managers and owners can reduce refurbishment costs as the workplace can be adapted easily for new tenants.

Agile Workspaces In Australia

According to Gartner’s observations, Australian developers and designers of office spaces are beginning to take considerable note of this growing trend.

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