ACCOUNTING: 5 Ways to Do Well in the First 3 Months

The first ninety days at a new job are crucial to show if you are a good fit for the position and the company. Managers are not expecting perfection, but they need to see that you are able to learn quickly and that you have made progress since your first day.

Especially if this is the beginning of your career, or your very first job, here are five tips and reminders that might help you keep the job you worked so hard to get.

1. Be early

Obviously you don’t want to be late, but if this is a new job, being punctual might not be good enough. At least for the first week or two, make sure you arrive early enough to get organized and settled so you are ready to start working on time.

2. Observe

Look around, take it all in. Watch how your coworkers behave and learn the company’s corporate culture. Try and do things the way they do them, even if you think you know a better way to get things done. If even after a few weeks you still believe the company could be more efficient, suggest changes.

3. Ask for Help

Don’t be shy to ask for assistance when you need it – but pay close attention and even take notes if necessary; you don’t want to ask the same questions again and again.

4. Show Gratitude

Say “thank you.” People will be happy to help you again in the future if they know you genuinely appreciate their help.

5. Get to Know your Co-workers

Have lunch or coffee together, learn about their jobs and their outside-of-work life – maybe you have a hobby or interests in common. Try to find a way to bond, as it makes it easier to work together and assist each other.

Generally, managers want new employees to demonstrate they can take direction well, quickly pick up technology, ask good questions, take notes and have a positive attitude. Be dependable and eager to get things done. And remember: do not promise more than you can deliver. It’s better to start slow so you can shape your improvement according to the company’s style, culture and standards.

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