Accounting Predictions for 2016: Part 2

Here are 3 more accounting projections dispensed by Matt Paff from Value Adders, a firm which helps small-to-medium [SME] businesses prosper and grow in today’s ever-evolving digital world.

Matt Paff Is an Authority on all things Digital?

According to Jonathan Spence, the CEO of Xtracta, “Matt has a very strategic understanding of this industry space (cloud based data services) and his foresight into the dynamics and likely future of such a fast moving industry almost always hold true”.

3 More Accounting Predictions for 2016

1. MYOB Advanced (Acumatica) is likely to grow quickly. Though Matt holds some reservations as to Acumatica’s ability to handle multi-company, multi-tenancy and inter-firm transactions, he believes it nevertheless holds great promise as a customisable enterprise digital format. Matt projects 2016 will undoubtedly become a year of massive growth for mid-tier cloud systems. He is confident MYOB advanced will get out in front and lead the charge over less well-known players like Gem Accounts, Harmoniq, Netsuite and others.

2. MYOB is setting its sights on acquiring a mid-market desktop player. Matt predicts a mid-market desktop player is integral to realising the company’s MYOB Advanced goals this year. MYOB needs to position itself intelligently if it is to fend-off competition from SageLive, Financial Force and Netsuite in the ongoing digital land grab. Matt projects the vital assets MYOB will set their sights on to cement their market position will be a soft-target client base to upgrade and a channel to market.

3. MYOB is gearing up to release a new Payroll service. With the acquisition of New Zealand payroll technology companies: IMS, Pay Global, Ace and Commac, along with whispers of a fresh MYOB Acumatica fix on the way, a new cloud payroll solution seems like a clear eventuation from these business dealings. Matt takes it further, suggesting it is highly likely the firm will offer full outsourcing of payroll activities. 

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