Accounting Heralded As Future-Proof Profession

If you’re an accountant then breathe a sigh of relief because unlike most of the workforce, you are in the enviable position of having a future-proof career.

A global, specialist recruiting firm’s latest Quarterly Report has found professional practice accountants are amongst those whose line of work is safe from being made-redundant by digitisation, automation and other technological innovation.

According to the findings, accountants (amongst others) will find jobs easier to come by in the future because demand for their skill-set will be very-high and professionals are forecast to be in short supply.

The Key To Ongoing Success

According to Nick Deligiannis, the recruitment company’s managing director, while accountants have it better than other professions in future job vacancy stakes, they won’t be able to rest on their laurels if they expect to succeed.

“Provided they keep their skills up-to-date, remain connected to their industry through social media, networking and their recruiter and are digitally literate, professionals in these areas will experience ongoing career success,” predicts Mr Deligiannis.

Other Jobs Also In Demand Into The Immediate Future

These professionals are in high-demand at the moment and should continue to enjoy higher levels of employment into the near future:

Accountancy Support

Accountancy Businesses 

There is an emerging shortage of seasoned accountants (especially supervisors, senior and intermediary) within business services caused by an upswing in demand for advisory services.


Financial Planning

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