A new online tool for Engineers

There’s a new way to pick up skills of the trade now that Engineers Education Australia have launched their latest initiative, Engineering Online (EOL).

EOL is a web-based learning platform that looks to change the way ongoing skills may be acquired in the workplace.

With traditional methods usually including attending workshops, generally involving transportation and accommodation costs along with presenting organisational issues, an easy-to-use and accessible online platform of learning certainly opens up a new avenue.

EOL currently offers programs on nearly 500 topics in a wide variety of formats that include webinars, talks, articles, technical presentations and short courses. Designed by professional engineers, the content can be accessed through a tiered subscription program.

The anywhere, anytime accessibility of this new tool can benefit employers, who don’t have to fret over financial and organisational hassles in setting up traditional in-person workshops, as well as engineers, especially those stationed in remote and regional areas, who now only need an internet connection to get going.

Ann Ellis, general group director of Engineers Education Australia, echoes this view as she outlined the central idea of the website in aiming to provide a place for ongoing professional development for all professionals in the engineering sector, no matter where they were.

Made at the behest of Engineers Australia, its CEO, Stephen Durkin, furthered this view when he said he aimed to have EOL be recognized as a global centre of training and expertise, a first port of call for all those seeking to update and add to their learning in engineering

This article was originally published on EngineerJobs.com.au