A New Material Handling System Provides Reduced Spillage Solutions for Mining Operations

A new conveyor built system created by ContiTech Australia is under trial at Sibelco QMAG’s magnesia products processing plant in Rockhampton, Queensland, so far proving a clean, safe and efficient solution.

Sibelco’s Rockhampton plant is engaged in mining, beneficiation & the production of electro-fused, dead-burned & calcined magnesia products. 

The company encountered trouble using conventional & pneumatic conveyor belt systems, finding such traditional systems resulted in far too much spillage of materials they opted to choose try something different.

Enter the SICON Conveyor Belt

Sibelco QMAG looked to ContiTech Australia to provide it with its ground-breaking SICON conveyor belt; an adaptable and enclosed system. The belt itself is a closed, unending conveyor belt, designed to carry all sorts of substances and materials.

“Results since the first trials in December 2014 have been very good so far… the SICON system is performing beautifully, we’ve had virtually no issues or problems at all,” affirmed Manager of Engineering Services, for Sibelco QMAG, Paul Wilson. 

6 Benefits of the SICON Conveyor Belt

1. This conveyor belt system is very flexible and because of this it can be created with radii of less than 1 metre. What this means is that unlike conventional material handling systems, the SICON system doesn’t require transfer points at curves & corners, not only this, but gradients of 35 degrees are also feasible.

2. Even better, the belt is closed along the entire journey, only opening itself up at discharge and loading areas, improving safety, reducing spillage & pollution and protecting sensitive materials.

3. The belt is adaptable, as operations require, discharge and feeding stations can be built along the conveying track route.

4. The belt can be used as a 2-way system so operators can move conveyor traffic in both directions simultaneously and along several different paths.

5. It is smart too, the belt self-centres between support and guide rollers as needed.

6. The belt even cleans itself!

This Conveyor Belt Holds Great Promise for Complex Operations

If the trial goes well, the SICON may provide an effective solution for certain specialist operators, though as application engineer from ContiTech Australia, Joern Gehl reminds us, the Australian market for such intricate systems is relatively small.

“We have installed half a dozen or so systems in Australia and New Zealand – it’s a niche market really. Given the complexity of the conveyor system and process flexibility required by Sibelco this ContiTech SICON conveyor belt was considered the only solution to satisfy all requirements demanded,” stated Mr Gehl.

This article was originally published on MineJobs.com.au