A Job Deluge Spurs Demand for Australian Construction Professionals

Tradespeople and labourers are seeing a rise in job openings across Australia as an inundation of work projects begins turning their fortunes around in 2016, lifting employment prospects within the construction sector as businesses intensify their search for skilled construction workers.

Where are the Jobs for Australian Construction Professionals in 2016?

NSW Construction Job Opportunities

NSW is generating a plethora of job opportunities as the state ramps up work on a myriad of civil, residential and commercial projects.

Queensland Construction Professionals in Demand

A steady pipeline of commercial building projects, plus an increasing volume of apartment projects (including a swathe of refurbishments) and the expected expansion of numerous shopping centres through 2016 is driving up demand for:

ACT Job Opportunities for Construction Workers

A steady pipeline of mixed-use and high rise residential developments throughout the territory are driving demand for mostly full-time:

Canberra work experience will be a boon for those job hunting in the ACT.

Western Australia 2016 Construction Sector Job Prospects

A reasonable volume of projects this year means firms operating in WA are still looking to employ experienced construction professionals. Perth is focusing on full-time work positions for the time being, but it is expected this need will be replaced by a burgeoning demand for temporary workers into the future.

In-demand are:

South Australia Needs Construction Professionals

Employers are looking to fill what are, at present, mostly temporary roles for:

This article was originally published on ConstructJobs.com.au